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Welcome to the RunwayClub Ireland Website. RunwayClub Ireland is Ireland's only safe, high speed drag racing events company that allows all the car enthusiast out there to showcase their stunning supercars and super-tuned performance cars; and to compete against each other on the private airfield runways of Ireland.

There's no better adrenaline fueled event for the petrol head, whether you are competing or spectating!

Depending on the different event locations, we find out who has the fastest car over the quarter mile, half mile and 1km in Ireland. Find out who has the fastest car in their respective category, and if the overall fastest is a Supercar or Tuned monster!

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Ballykelly Airfield Derry JULY 2022

This event will be half mile with top speed recorded, with cars of different BHP divided into sub-categories. There are limited registration for each category so get applying quickly before space run…


RunwayClub Challenge1000 Weston Airport Dublin 2021

Ireland is starting to see a lot more amazing super, exotic and performance cars and many of them were on the runway in 2021 for the only opportunity to race their cars. The 2021 runway event include…


RunwayClub Challenge 1000 - Weston Airport Dublin 2018

The runway event included Vmax and maximum speed formats with categories of various BHP. The final RunwayClub event in 2018 was held at Weston Airport in Dublin and again showcased some of the world’…