Results from Challenge1000 - Year 2021

500 + BHP

No.CarBest Run
Run 1
Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5
1.121Porsche 911 Turbo S (991)280.3 km/h170.6280.3277.3273.5x
2.131McLaren 720s275.4 km/hx143.7218.2258.8275.4
3.102McLaren 720s264.5 km/hx264.5259.2264.3260.1
4.124McLaren 720s260.8 km/h202.3259.3260.8257.2257.2
5.123McLaren 620R258.4 km/h201.4x249254.5258.4
6.113BMW M5 F90251.7 km/h184246.7244.8246.7248.2
7.110F80 M3250.9 km/hx240.5245225.4250.9
8.134Porshe 911 Turbo 997250.2 km/hxx250.2247.2248.8
9.112Ferrari 488 GTB248.8 km/h142.2245.2248.8xx
10.114McLaren 540248.5 km/hx234.3248.5245.7248.4

350-500 BHP

No.CarBest Run
Run 1Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5
1.203BMW M4245 km/hx245244244.7x
2.222Audi S4 B5242.3 km/h105.7240.8242.3237.9x
3.226Audi S3 (stage 3)240.5 km/hx237.8240.5239.2236.1
4.216Honda Civic 1.8 Turbo234.2 km/h97.71233.5214.9234.2x
5.234BMW M4230 km/h40.16103.5178.8230x
6.205BMW M4228.2 km/hx222.4224.6227.6228.2
7.228BMW M140i226.3 km/h46.56158.1225.2225.5226.3
8.208Holden Maloo R8226.1 km/hx214.5223.7226.1x
9.225BMW E92 335i223.6 km/h100.9x206.5223.6x
10.221Tesla 3 Performance221.8 km/h221.5221.8xxx

200-350 BHP

No.CarBest Run
Run 1
Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5
1.306BMW m140i234 km/hx230.2234230.2232.9
2.308MK7 Golf R222.8 km/hx146.4222.2222.8219.6
3.310Golf R214.1 km/h145.5212.5214.1118.2176.2
4.304Audi A7212.4 km/h67.34211.3210.5211.1212.4
5.303BMW M135i204.2 km/hx203.5202.6204.2x
6.307EK9 Civic197.8 km/hx194.5192.5197.8193.9
7.302Hyundai i30N190.5 km/h111.7132.6184.7190.5x

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